Monday, November 24, 2008

Listen Up, You!

A personal message for you, you, you and YOU! (you know who you are, SLIMEBALL)

"I hate those people who thinks they're all too good for other people. Like, they're the boss of the whole freaking world. Well, they ARE.. in their OWN world. To you slimers, be a little considerate to other people, will ya? although you think it's cute to be strutting around showing people that you got this new-found "power", heh! it won't kill you to practice a little consideration towards other people. Running your mouth complaining how the world is unfair to you and your pity followers.. Do yourselves a favor and just shut your mouth. You two faced people can rot in hell for all i care."


I'm feeling kind of down, today is one of those days where i don't feel like myself. I seriously need a change.. a change in everything! everything seems to feel like its coming to a halt. I feel like i need to have some growth.. some development or else it's like waiting to die and rot. yea, because there's nothing to look forward to, no anticipation, no surprises whatsoever.. *sigh* get it?

.. I. Need. A. Break.

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Gallivanter said...

*Looks around as tumbleweeds fly by*