Monday, November 3, 2008

Adventurer Picnic

Yesterday me and mom spent half of the day at the beach. Tanjung aru beach (2nd Beach) to be exact. I brought mom along just for the company in the car :-D i dont really like to drive alone. I only drive alone when i REALLY HAVE to. There was a picnic organized by the Adventurer Club of our church and i have been looking forward for that event ever since i heard about it. I had fun, and i know the kids had MORE fun :-)

We packed everything and headed home around 2.30 and as soon as i reached home, i lay myself on the couch and i dozed off right away. I was SO exhausted from all the laughings and running around at the beach with friends.

Here are some pictures of yesterday.

Some of the activities they had yesterday

Chelsea being hugged tightly by Cass

Kids with their hamper prize
Chicken wings
With Cass..

Delorra, Cass, Chervy & Me..

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