Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Power of Facebooking

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These are the times that makes me glad that i joined Facebook!! Why, you ask? well, it's because i recently have discovered a whole lot of relatives (mom's side) on Facebook. Wow. See how amazing Facebook is in connecting people? :-) (im more used to relatives on my dad's side.. so almost all of them ARE on Facebook)

The first thing i do every morning is check my mails to see notifications for Facebook and Friendster. Something must be wrong if there's no notifications at my mail :-D ada-ada ja notifications sa dapat. They say, Friendster is not so popular anymore these days. But i beg to differ. I think both facebook and friendster are equally popular. I remember when Friendster first came into the scene, everyone was asking anyone they know whether they have a friendster account. Nowadays, almost everyone who has a friendster account has a facebook account. It's becoming the MUST HAVE of today.But facebook is more entertaining lah.. can poke2 again heheheh.

I know everyone has their own 'jejak kasih' experiences.. and this entry is all about mine :-)


Gallivanter said...

Actually, Friendster IS losing their popularity, and it's geared towards the younger generation aka teens these days. :-)

Pammie said...

yea, i agree. somemore, a lot of teens are forging their age at Friendster. BUT Friendster is still No.1 in the Philippines :-D