Friday, November 28, 2008

Fall For You

dare you to fall in love with me Pictures, Images and Photos

There's a right or wrong to know for everything
And the truth is somewhere written in between
But there's always something missing in the dark
There you'll find the true condition of the heart

Well, I can visualize the pieces of a dream,
And it's not as far away as it may seem
But if truth be told, it is you that holds the key
To the question that defines my destiny

I've been in love, a time or two
I've seen the world, when i'm with you
I wanna fly and spread my wings
I don't wanna cry, I wanna sing
I wanna live and take a chance
I'm not afraid to love again
I wanna fall, fall for you
And I want you to fall for me too

I've had plenty conversations with my heart
Coz I want this thing to work, not fall apart
So, I ask my heart how it can be so sure
And it answers me because your heart is pure

I have every expectation that is true
Coz my heart won't lie to me, much less to you
But if truth be told, it is you that holds the key
To the future that becomes our destiny

Unto the mountain snow that melts into the stream
My heart goes like a river to sea
To the heavens up above,
I pray to God our destiny is love

Pammie says: This is for yang nun di sana... the words above speaks what my mind & heart cannot speak.

Let's Do Tag

I've been tagged by Nancy . The rules of this tag are as follow :

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!
pammie says: Ok, i took this using my webcam :-D
2. Dont change ur clothes
Pammie says: ni la pakaian sa dari pagi
3. Post that picture with No editing.
Pammie says: Teda edit ni, boss
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
Pammie says: okiedokie
5. Tag 10 people to do this..

With this tag entry, i am tagging.... hmm, lemme see...


Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Power of Facebooking

facebook Pictures, Images and Photos

These are the times that makes me glad that i joined Facebook!! Why, you ask? well, it's because i recently have discovered a whole lot of relatives (mom's side) on Facebook. Wow. See how amazing Facebook is in connecting people? :-) (im more used to relatives on my dad's side.. so almost all of them ARE on Facebook)

The first thing i do every morning is check my mails to see notifications for Facebook and Friendster. Something must be wrong if there's no notifications at my mail :-D ada-ada ja notifications sa dapat. They say, Friendster is not so popular anymore these days. But i beg to differ. I think both facebook and friendster are equally popular. I remember when Friendster first came into the scene, everyone was asking anyone they know whether they have a friendster account. Nowadays, almost everyone who has a friendster account has a facebook account. It's becoming the MUST HAVE of today.But facebook is more entertaining lah.. can poke2 again heheheh.

I know everyone has their own 'jejak kasih' experiences.. and this entry is all about mine :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last Saturday.

Last saturday, witness wide went to tenghilan and d'tunga at kelawat. It was a really fun day! although we were missing 4 members, the show must go on with or without them. We planned to sing only 2-3 songs at Tenghilan, but ended up singing 5 songs there. After church service, they announced that they have prepared food for us so we had potluck with the church members there. The food was great.. ang sarap talaga! i had 2 rounds hahaha.

Here are some pictures of that day.. i took the pictures using 3 cameras: Nikon D40 (my bro's), Canon 40D (my sis') and Casio Exilim EXZ750 (mine..hehe)
At Tenghilan church..
Singing at D'Tunga Church
Cousin Bandy singing his solo part
Kiko with Mummy
Rachel a.k.a Omong
Abby Mae (or should i say Mrs. Daven Lamam hehehhe)
Elsa Nicole
Beevy & Josie
Potluck Time = MAKAN TIME!!
Cousin Beevy with her favourite 'Toy'
After lunch we had a photo session. My nieces, elsa, kiko & kim
Josie with a Lily flower
yours truly
Almost revealed.. hahahaha
Nice kan the flower......
Moi :-D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Listen Up, You!

A personal message for you, you, you and YOU! (you know who you are, SLIMEBALL)

"I hate those people who thinks they're all too good for other people. Like, they're the boss of the whole freaking world. Well, they ARE.. in their OWN world. To you slimers, be a little considerate to other people, will ya? although you think it's cute to be strutting around showing people that you got this new-found "power", heh! it won't kill you to practice a little consideration towards other people. Running your mouth complaining how the world is unfair to you and your pity followers.. Do yourselves a favor and just shut your mouth. You two faced people can rot in hell for all i care."


I'm feeling kind of down, today is one of those days where i don't feel like myself. I seriously need a change.. a change in everything! everything seems to feel like its coming to a halt. I feel like i need to have some growth.. some development or else it's like waiting to die and rot. yea, because there's nothing to look forward to, no anticipation, no surprises whatsoever.. *sigh* get it?

.. I. Need. A. Break.

Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF + Music Reviews

Yeayyy it's FRIDAY! i'm always in such high spirit when it's friday. Why? .. i think i dont need to answer that. Everyone is in a good mood when it comes to friday..

Guess what? my bestie is working at the same place im working!! Im so glad!! although she's only a part-timer here, well atleast we can get to meet more often :-)

Oh, ive got Britney's new album, Circus but i can't give my two cents yet coz i havent finished listening to it. The cover album is nothing that i imagine it would be.. if you havent seen it, here's a look at it:

Ok, i'll admit i am a fan of Britney. Nice mah her songs hehe. I'll describe my taste of music as ECLECTIC. I listen to almost everything..

Ive also got Shontelle's album SHONTELLIGENCE. I wouldnt give thumbs up to it..the songs are quite boring. the only song in the whole album that catches me is the T-shirt song. I say Shontelle is a far cry from ella.. ella.. ella Rihanna. Why im comparing her with Rihanna? because Shontelle comes from Barbados too.

..Aight, i guess thats it for this week. I know i only posted 2 entries this week. Been busy, thats why lah. But i'll try to post more entries in the future, promise!

I'll be going to Tenghilan and Kota Belud tomorrow. I'll blog about it next week.

Have a nice weekend, Readers!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ranau Trip

Last week, i couldn't wait for the week to end. Why? because on saturday morning me and some of the youths at church went to Kundasang, Ranau. We departed at 8.00a.m. and arrived at our destination at 9.30a.m. We had our Sabbath there at SDA Retreat Centre and sang 2 songs as 'special song' konon.. although our songs were simple and we were SO not prepared, im glad the crowd appreciated it.
What is this?? guys doing dishes? .. and sweeping the floor??
In the evening, after our afternoon nap we all headed down to Desa Cattle and Mesilau.
Pathway to Desa Cattle
With moo-moo in the background
Kanak-kanak riang at Desa Cattle hehe
At Mesilau.. where we had our sundown worship.
The next day, sunday we went to Kundasang War Memorial.. i felt for those who died in the death march. May all their souls rest in peace..
I find this t-shirt that i saw just outside of the Memorial amusing hehe..
After spending about 30-45 minutes at the Memorial, we headed our ways to Poring Hot Spring where we spent the rest of the day there.
After hiking and canopy walking, we went back down and had our splashy session at the pool! we left Poring at around 4pm and arrived at KK 6.30pm. Unlike the others, i had to go to Tg Aru because my group (Witness Wide) was scheduled to sing at the seminar that they are having at the House of Worship they have there. I was exhausted when i reached home at 10.30pm.. my dirty clothes from Ranau is still in my bag :-P was too exhausted to take them out last night hehe..

I am still tired from my Ranau trip. I forced my body to work today.. huhuhuhu

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Music Bytes.

I just got Nickelback's Dark Horse album.. I have been waiting for this for a long time and i can't get enough of it! The whole album is on repeat mode on my Ipod hahaha.. To those who haven't got a copy of their album, i highly suggest you go out and get one this instant! :-D

I also got myself a copy of Il Divo's new CD, The Promise.. can't really comment on it yet as i haven't listened to it yet. Still have Nickelback in my system hehehe.. will give you my two cents on them when i finally finish listening to the whole Il Divo album. I don't think it'll be anytime soon lah, coz i love.. love.. LOVE NICKELBACK!!

BAAAA... go and get Nickelback aiiite!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Tale of a PTI dog

This is duku and he is guarding my house as we speak. Duku is originally my neighbour's dog. But for some reason, i dont know.. he decided to change owners. He at first went to live with my cousin who at first was reluctant to feed and take care of him but after recognizing his loyalty to my cousin, my cousin decide that it may be beneficial to him and his family if he took care of the dog. but after a while, the dog decided to change owner.. HE FOLLOWED MY BROTHER BACK HOME ONE DAY and never looked back anymore hahah.

He's here most of the time but sometimes pandai juga la menghilangkan diri mencari
makan di tempat lain.

Anyway, duane if you're at my page right now.. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! HAHAHAHA..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pammie's Dreamboat!

I am not choosy nor demanding when it comes to what i want in a guy...

What I Want Pictures, Images and Photos
If you've found the guy with all the matching characteristics above, do contact me! hehehe..

In the meantime, let me just stay in love with Piolo Pascual :-D

What a dream boat he is *sigh*