Friday, May 16, 2008

Count Me OUT

Song: Even For A While
Artist: Gary Valenciano

Why do hearts feel the way they do
Why does men wanna say I love you
Till the end of time
Till I lose my mind
Till it’s over and left so far behind

I just can’t keep it all inside
So unbelievable how much I’ve tried
Yet I call for you
I long for you
And I say the words I wish you’d want to here
Though you’re never here

Our hearts and though they beat as one
But in time, the time for us will never come
So I, I just go on
And just remember those eyes
That look right through my heart
The smile that shows what’s in you
That makes me wanna cry
Coz I know
I’ll never have you even for a while

Now all is said and done it seems
I keep remembering what I would call a dream
Where you came true
For a minute or two
That was all the time it took
To make me know you had to go

I know ive said this in one of my old posts that im going to move on from this phase but i guess i never really did. So this time, im really going to make a change for once in my life. Its like ive been running around in circles over him and the cycle never ends and you know what? Im tired of it.. I want out.

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