Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Days in Review

I just came back from Goshen, Kota Marudu yesterday. What a day yesterday was.. I had to rush from Kota Marudu to UMS because my supervisor wanted to see the corrections of my research..if she wasnt satisfied with our work, she can refuse to not sign our submission of dissertation form. After showing her the corrections, she asked me to do another correction, which i had to go to the cybercafe at Kingfisher and then return back to her office before 5pm. It was 4.15 that time and i manage to be at the office at 4.50pm. the 2nd time i had to meet her, i ran from the parking lot hahahah. After settling everything at UMS, me and Angel went to go see at 1Borneo.. eee punya la banyak pilak there! so scary.. so we quickly headed ourselves out after maybe spending about 10 minutes there. We then went to Wisma Merdeka for some window shopping and then had dinner there. I was feeling abit wheezy before dinner.. maybe its because i only had cereal that morning. Thats the only thing i ate the whole day.. i was too scared thinking about the "what-ifs" and food was the last thing on my mind. As soon as i reached home, i dozed off straight away.

Actually, Angel texted me about the correction thingy on tueday morning..and i panicked because i was in Kota Marudu.. how am i suppose to do my corrections??? and so i thought and thought and thought... aha! i texted my friend back and asked her to scan all the pages that needs to be corrected and i'll do my corrections by it.

I manage to finish up my corrections after spending about 6 hours on my cuzzie's computer. After that, they bawa makan.. i really didnt want to but since the food was all ready on the table, it wasnt nice to refuse the food that was offered. We (me and my cuzzie) headed to another cuzzie's house because i had some questions regarding my research that i need to ask her (she took MBA before me.. so its impossible for her to NOT know what im going through). Then her mom bawa again makan mee and some watermelon for dessert. The lada punya sadap but i didnt eat that much because a friend of mine texted me saying that tonight we're going out to eat.. see? maaaaaaakan saja if at kampung. its impossible to diet if at kampung. But i love balik kampung.. if it wasnt because i need to meet my supervisor yesterday, i planned to stay there for another day :-(

I've got some pictures from my recent visit to my kampung but i'll be posting it in my next post :-)

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