Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mama's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mamas out there..

What did you do/give your mom on mother's day? In my case, since im on a tight budget i decided to make her something myself. I found a Mother's Day certificate online where i wrote down why i appreciate her so much.. i wrote "because you have loved me unconditionally and have raised me up to be the person i am today", which is the simple truth :-) Oh, i also gave her 20 mothers days coupons, meaning i cant complain or say no if she wants to use them on me hehehhe. My sister gave her lipstick. I havent seen it yet coz she gave it to mom while i was still sleeping. I tend to wake up late every sunday hehehe. My bro called all the way from russia to wish her happy mothers day. By the look on mom's face, i know she's happy her kids didnt forget to appreciate her on mothers day..even if she didnt get anything that expensive, all of them came from the heart and i think THAT is what matters the most.

I actually planned to finish up Chapter 4 of my research on sunday.. but i failed, coz now its officially Monday and i just completed it. Ok, maybe you're wondering why the hell is she still awake at this hour?? (its 4.12am according to my pc clock) wellll, there was a blackout at 8pm - 12 something so i had to put my work at a halt. I was only able to continue it at 1.30am.. thats why lah im still awake. I know this will contribute to make the panda eyes that i already have much darker. I really felt it was such a waste of time, just sitting down and unable to do anything during the blackout. To make matters worst, my celly suddenly died on me (it ran out of battery) when there was an incoming call. The number wasnt registered on my phonebook, the first three digits were 663XXX..i asked mom, she said maybe area Kota Marudu or Kudat. and i went "huh? sepa juga dari KM or Kudat ni? maybe wrong number" Oh well, if its really that important i know they'll call back.

Okaayyylah. Its almost 4.40am, i guess i better go and rest. I need rest. Will be having a long day tomorrow..

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