Friday, May 9, 2008

Midnight Crave

*stomach growls*

Its 11.59pm and i am craving me some shawarma! *Siiiiggghhh*

I went through a series of emotions this week and its all because of my research AND this one particular guy. I even said to a friend of mine "if he (the guy)was in front of me at this moment i tampiling suda dia 10x oh" but i dont really mean it, honestly. It was just an expression out of frustration.

OMG! i really lost track of time.. its almost 1am and i reaaallllyy should be resting at this time on fridays. Its saturday tomorrow, and I have to wake up early tomorrow or else i'll be catching up on sleep at church hahaha!

Til the next one.

Good Night! and Happy Sabbath.

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