Saturday, May 24, 2008

Balik Kampung

Tomorrow morning i'll be heading to Goshen, Kota Marudu (my kampung!!!) and will be back on wednesday. There's going to be a family gathering (mom's side) there at 4pm so besides mom's cooking, i was asked me to bake some muffins for tomorrow..i baked around 40 and im malu oh to bring it coz it didnt turn out well huhuhuhu. i kept asking my mom whether its ok if we didnt bring the muffins haha and she kept telling me that the muffins are ok..and told me to not worry about people not eating it. What if no one wants it? and what if the muffins are the only thing on the table that's not eaten? :-( Maybe im overreacting but yalah.. manalah tauu kannn??? maluu ohhh.

Last friday i was so bored, i didnt know what to do. Ive always (and still) love Christina Aguilera's Save Me From Myself song, so out of boredome i did a version of it..

World wide women

you're. gonna. save. me. from. myself...

So apa macam?? Comment.. Comment..

i know im not good of a singer but hey, atleast i could say ive tried hehe


jipun said...


CrazieSexaCool said...

O.M.G!! I didnt know u cud sing.. no w8.. I know u cud sing.. I just never heard pula.. ahahahha..

I'm no music expert, but that's awesome!! Hee :p

more! more! ;)

Pammie said...

thanks guys! ba, look out for more of me in the future! hehe