Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I have finally paid off my final school fees at the university today. After that, me and my bestie, Angel went to KK for some retail therapy at wawasan plaza and centre point. I ended up buying 4 blouse and 2 pants. Angel bought 2 blouse and 2 pants. And then after a late lunch, we parted ways. I had to go back to the university because i had an appointment at 4pm with a lecturer regarding my research.

cantik kan the sea? this was taken at the 3rd floor..while climbing the stairs, YES THE STAIRS, to the 4th floor. penatnyaaa.. the elevator was working perfectly but i purposely took the stairs hehe.

After meeting with my lecturer, i went to the resource room and found 2 of my fellow coursemates there working on their questionnaire. While in the room, i notice the view of the sea is much more prettier there..

Universiti Malaysia Sabah, taken from the 3rd floor at SPE

The three of us (me, nanie & sharifah) left the room together.. and took some pictures before we REALLY left the university

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