Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pammie HEARTS Baking

The picture above is me and my little niece, elsa.. i took this picture in my room while she was here friday night. She'll be two years old this august but she still cant talk that properly, i said to my sister that her daughter talks like a caveman.. hahaha. Babies..

Im waiting for my apple crumble to bake in the oven. I was out of my mind bored so i flipped through mom's recipe book and found Peach Crumble. But since we were out of peaches at home, i decided to use apples instead. This is how it looks like just before i pop it into the oven

The result? TADAAA..

My brother said the apples looked like potatoes hahahah. Maybe it because of the way i diced it. Will tell ya'll about how it taste like tomorrow

Im feeling much better now than last night after making a crucial decision on my life. Its a shame i wasted so much time on this particular person and closed down opportunities that came passing my way. I'd go "Oh well" everytime he lets me down, just hoping that he'll change.. but to wait for him to change is like, waiting for the moon to fall from the sky. He'll never change.. N-E-V-E-R.

Hey, this wasn't suppose to be a mopey post. Ok..thats the last of it im ever going talk about it. Im tired.. and my right toe is killing me. It hurts so bad boo-hoo-hoo

G'nite ya'll.


Hness said...

havent visit ur blog 4 quite sometimes :) lawa2 gambar ko ambik hehehe... tc!

Pammie said...

thanks hness heheheheh