Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Kaamatan!

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan! the picture above was taken at my house at Kota Marudu.. just before leaving to my cousin's place for Kaamatan family gathering on the 25th of May. I found my brother's sunglasses inside the car and posed for the camera in my gangsta look hahaha

I actually dont really celebrate kaamatan.. i would care less about kaamatan although i do have kadazandusun blood running through my veins. But this year, i did celebrate it at Goshen, Kota Marudu. Kaamatan came 5 days earlier in my case. It was kind of fun getting to wear the traditional costume since i rarely wear it and playing the gongs (mengagung) and all. FYI, i know how to play 5 out of 6 of the gongs hehehe. some of my relatives at Goshen were surprise to know that i know how to mengagung and i was surprised too because all these while i thought everyone there knows how to mengagung They asked me where did i learned to play five out of six, i said from all the weddings i attended in the past :-D

Although there's a lot of great memories i got this time around balik kampung, such as getting to finally meet Frisco, my new known cousin (hiii tico!! *waves hand*) and all other relatives who i havent seen in quite a while. I havent gone back to goshen for a few years ok.. so thats the reason why im like, so happy tahap dewa that i finally went back home (i call goshen my 2nd home.. coz it is :-D) and im glad that my relatives there still remember me :-D

However, on a darker side there is one thing that i regret doing but im sorry to say that i wont be revealing it anytime soon..or maybe forever. You guys will probably go, "OMG! whaaaaatt???" I admit, it was a mistake. A BIG mistake. *sigh* If only i can undo things in the past..


There's no use crying over spilled milk now, eh? so much for being impulsive. I seriously should cut down my impulsiveness..

Thursday, May 29, 2008


The adventurers

My three little new friends.. Novendra, Michelle and Cassandra

My nieces.. i dont even know their names haha

With Cliff (my nephew) and his nephew (my grand nephew), Zeeshan

Me and Michelle

Gecko at my house.. yuckie!

Lyssa and I

My cousin, Ita & I.. we do look kinda the same, huh?

The campers

I took this picture outside of my house at Goshen early in the morning

Ita, Me, Daphne and Chervy with our new little friends..Cassandra and Novendra

My Days in Review

I just came back from Goshen, Kota Marudu yesterday. What a day yesterday was.. I had to rush from Kota Marudu to UMS because my supervisor wanted to see the corrections of my research..if she wasnt satisfied with our work, she can refuse to not sign our submission of dissertation form. After showing her the corrections, she asked me to do another correction, which i had to go to the cybercafe at Kingfisher and then return back to her office before 5pm. It was 4.15 that time and i manage to be at the office at 4.50pm. the 2nd time i had to meet her, i ran from the parking lot hahahah. After settling everything at UMS, me and Angel went to go see at 1Borneo.. eee punya la banyak pilak there! so scary.. so we quickly headed ourselves out after maybe spending about 10 minutes there. We then went to Wisma Merdeka for some window shopping and then had dinner there. I was feeling abit wheezy before dinner.. maybe its because i only had cereal that morning. Thats the only thing i ate the whole day.. i was too scared thinking about the "what-ifs" and food was the last thing on my mind. As soon as i reached home, i dozed off straight away.

Actually, Angel texted me about the correction thingy on tueday morning..and i panicked because i was in Kota Marudu.. how am i suppose to do my corrections??? and so i thought and thought and thought... aha! i texted my friend back and asked her to scan all the pages that needs to be corrected and i'll do my corrections by it.

I manage to finish up my corrections after spending about 6 hours on my cuzzie's computer. After that, they bawa makan.. i really didnt want to but since the food was all ready on the table, it wasnt nice to refuse the food that was offered. We (me and my cuzzie) headed to another cuzzie's house because i had some questions regarding my research that i need to ask her (she took MBA before me.. so its impossible for her to NOT know what im going through). Then her mom bawa again makan mee and some watermelon for dessert. The lada punya sadap but i didnt eat that much because a friend of mine texted me saying that tonight we're going out to eat.. see? maaaaaaakan saja if at kampung. its impossible to diet if at kampung. But i love balik kampung.. if it wasnt because i need to meet my supervisor yesterday, i planned to stay there for another day :-(

I've got some pictures from my recent visit to my kampung but i'll be posting it in my next post :-)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Balik Kampung

Tomorrow morning i'll be heading to Goshen, Kota Marudu (my kampung!!!) and will be back on wednesday. There's going to be a family gathering (mom's side) there at 4pm so besides mom's cooking, i was asked me to bake some muffins for tomorrow..i baked around 40 and im malu oh to bring it coz it didnt turn out well huhuhuhu. i kept asking my mom whether its ok if we didnt bring the muffins haha and she kept telling me that the muffins are ok..and told me to not worry about people not eating it. What if no one wants it? and what if the muffins are the only thing on the table that's not eaten? :-( Maybe im overreacting but yalah.. manalah tauu kannn??? maluu ohhh.

Last friday i was so bored, i didnt know what to do. Ive always (and still) love Christina Aguilera's Save Me From Myself song, so out of boredome i did a version of it..

World wide women

you're. gonna. save. me. from. myself...

So apa macam?? Comment.. Comment..

i know im not good of a singer but hey, atleast i could say ive tried hehe

Friday, May 23, 2008

Midnight Train to Georgia

If you dont think this is funny, then there must be something wrong with you. This was one of my favourite part of the finale..Robert Downey Jr., Ben stiller, and Jack Black were perfect for the video and they were sooo hilarious!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun Night Part II

I was too tired last night to upload all of them so i decided to make a part 2 of last night..

my bestie and her significant other.. LOVE



Yours truly :-D

Okley dokely.. back to work!

Fun Night

My bestie was in town for a couple of weeks and we decided to go out. But one of our girl, jaime couldnt make it.. so instead of going to salut, we went to gracepoint for dinner. I laughed during dinner, in the car, everywhere.. til my perut pun sakit.. man, i havent done that in a while. Okaylah.. im too tired for words. Will have to wake up early in the morning coz i have a meeting with my supervisor again at the university *sigh*

The brothers.. Jas & Juinis

The food..almost sapu bersih hehehe

My bestie, Shannen and i
Then after that we went to Tanjung Aru First Beach for some sugarcane drinks and jeruk mangga.. AND ofcourse some flash photography session eheheh.
Just because the night was still early, we headed to Sutera Harbour.
Shannen, Jas & i
Chillin' under the pokok kelapak

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Apple Crumble: The Verdict

So today was the apple crumble testing day.. the second i woke up the first thing on my mind was the apple crumble hahaha. I got out of bed and reheat it in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes. It was a bit too sweet but it was almost all gone under 2 hours :-P i had 3 servings in a row. After the 3rd serving, i was sugar high! hehe im so happy everyone enjoyed it. It only motivates me to bake some more!

See? told ya i was motivated.. i made baked banana custard today but i think the bananas that i used were too ripe and it tasted a bit funny hehe..

I think thats the only update im going to be making for today. Stayed at home the whole day, so thats why i got no cerita-cerita..

Oh, my other bestie is in town. yeayyyy.. will be having dinner with her tomorrow night :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pammie HEARTS Baking

The picture above is me and my little niece, elsa.. i took this picture in my room while she was here friday night. She'll be two years old this august but she still cant talk that properly, i said to my sister that her daughter talks like a caveman.. hahaha. Babies..

Im waiting for my apple crumble to bake in the oven. I was out of my mind bored so i flipped through mom's recipe book and found Peach Crumble. But since we were out of peaches at home, i decided to use apples instead. This is how it looks like just before i pop it into the oven

The result? TADAAA..

My brother said the apples looked like potatoes hahahah. Maybe it because of the way i diced it. Will tell ya'll about how it taste like tomorrow

Im feeling much better now than last night after making a crucial decision on my life. Its a shame i wasted so much time on this particular person and closed down opportunities that came passing my way. I'd go "Oh well" everytime he lets me down, just hoping that he'll change.. but to wait for him to change is like, waiting for the moon to fall from the sky. He'll never change.. N-E-V-E-R.

Hey, this wasn't suppose to be a mopey post. Ok..thats the last of it im ever going talk about it. Im tired.. and my right toe is killing me. It hurts so bad boo-hoo-hoo

G'nite ya'll.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Count Me OUT

Song: Even For A While
Artist: Gary Valenciano

Why do hearts feel the way they do
Why does men wanna say I love you
Till the end of time
Till I lose my mind
Till it’s over and left so far behind

I just can’t keep it all inside
So unbelievable how much I’ve tried
Yet I call for you
I long for you
And I say the words I wish you’d want to here
Though you’re never here

Our hearts and though they beat as one
But in time, the time for us will never come
So I, I just go on
And just remember those eyes
That look right through my heart
The smile that shows what’s in you
That makes me wanna cry
Coz I know
I’ll never have you even for a while

Now all is said and done it seems
I keep remembering what I would call a dream
Where you came true
For a minute or two
That was all the time it took
To make me know you had to go

I know ive said this in one of my old posts that im going to move on from this phase but i guess i never really did. So this time, im really going to make a change for once in my life. Its like ive been running around in circles over him and the cycle never ends and you know what? Im tired of it.. I want out.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mama's Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mamas out there..

What did you do/give your mom on mother's day? In my case, since im on a tight budget i decided to make her something myself. I found a Mother's Day certificate online where i wrote down why i appreciate her so much.. i wrote "because you have loved me unconditionally and have raised me up to be the person i am today", which is the simple truth :-) Oh, i also gave her 20 mothers days coupons, meaning i cant complain or say no if she wants to use them on me hehehhe. My sister gave her lipstick. I havent seen it yet coz she gave it to mom while i was still sleeping. I tend to wake up late every sunday hehehe. My bro called all the way from russia to wish her happy mothers day. By the look on mom's face, i know she's happy her kids didnt forget to appreciate her on mothers day..even if she didnt get anything that expensive, all of them came from the heart and i think THAT is what matters the most.

I actually planned to finish up Chapter 4 of my research on sunday.. but i failed, coz now its officially Monday and i just completed it. Ok, maybe you're wondering why the hell is she still awake at this hour?? (its 4.12am according to my pc clock) wellll, there was a blackout at 8pm - 12 something so i had to put my work at a halt. I was only able to continue it at 1.30am.. thats why lah im still awake. I know this will contribute to make the panda eyes that i already have much darker. I really felt it was such a waste of time, just sitting down and unable to do anything during the blackout. To make matters worst, my celly suddenly died on me (it ran out of battery) when there was an incoming call. The number wasnt registered on my phonebook, the first three digits were 663XXX..i asked mom, she said maybe area Kota Marudu or Kudat. and i went "huh? sepa juga dari KM or Kudat ni? maybe wrong number" Oh well, if its really that important i know they'll call back.

Okaayyylah. Its almost 4.40am, i guess i better go and rest. I need rest. Will be having a long day tomorrow..

Friday, May 9, 2008

Midnight Crave

*stomach growls*

Its 11.59pm and i am craving me some shawarma! *Siiiiggghhh*

I went through a series of emotions this week and its all because of my research AND this one particular guy. I even said to a friend of mine "if he (the guy)was in front of me at this moment i tampiling suda dia 10x oh" but i dont really mean it, honestly. It was just an expression out of frustration.

OMG! i really lost track of time.. its almost 1am and i reaaallllyy should be resting at this time on fridays. Its saturday tomorrow, and I have to wake up early tomorrow or else i'll be catching up on sleep at church hahaha!

Til the next one.

Good Night! and Happy Sabbath.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back At The Yard

After ive finished doing all my chores today, i went at the backyard to take some pictures of nature... I am such a nature girl

..And then at night i went to KDCA, penampang for the mega spiritual seminar that is going on until the 10th of this month. Me and my group was scheduled to sing that night for special song right before the speaker, Dr. Johnathan Kuntaraf takes the stage. The picture below was taken backstage, where we had our final sound check AND mirror checks before going on stage..heheh. I dont know why, but i didnt feel nervous that night..not even a tiny bit. I dont know about the others but i just didnt have any jitters that i usually get before going on stage. I guess its a good sign right? one of my resolution this year is to overcome my fears.. and stage fright IS one of my fears hehe..

My bebehs..Vinne, Sharoline, and Angela

Alright folks.. i guess thats all for tonight. Will update when there's stuff thats worth to be posted hehehe. Gonna continue my research work.. Just leave me a message on my cbox, if you want to. I'll reply as soon as i can :-)