Random Friday.

Today's Friday!! yeayyyy.. I actually dont have anything to say in this post. Im just posting this just for the sake of, well, posting an entry hehehe. These pictures were taken last week by the way :)

Baby Davennie Isabelle.. cute kan?? i have a soft spot for babies. they're so adorable!!!!
My niece Elsa Nicole, trying to act cute for the camera

My BFF and I. Miss you mandak!! These days, we only talk on YM -- our complaining session mwahahahaha


Im going to end this entry by posting a song i did on the song "Until The End of Time" :) The first time i heard this song was during my vacation in Manila last august at a bar, while waiting for another band to come on stage. During the interval, the bar played some videos and Justin Timberlake's video of this song (the one with him on the piano at one of his concerts) came on. I fell in love with this song that instant..

Enjoy! :)



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