Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Losing Weight Is A Mission: Impossible For Me

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..Why? because i just keep on taking food in. I do exercise, but whats the good in exercise if i dont change my eating habits, right?

If i keep up with this, in a month or two i will have to get me a new wardrobe. I have bought me more than enough clothes that could last for two or three years and im beginning to see the damage ive done to my body.

I mean, i dont wish to be stick thin or anything. I love my curves. I just dont want anything unnecessary hanging out and showing (i.e. the bra over hang).. i just want to fit my clothes better :-)

I have been wanting to get me a new pair of jeans and you know what? i'd like to try on a pair of skinny jeans coz i never had one nor tried one before. Yea, im a skinny jeans virgin. But i got big calves and that's what been holding me back on trying. But who knows right? maybe i'll rock the look.. but If i dont, i can always run back to my M593s. right?

Okay, so the plan is.. Im going to promise myself to eat better healthy food, exercise more, less pig outs and calorie fests. Promise.

..let's see how far this promise goes.

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Let's get physical.. physical..