Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Red Spill

Red Metalic Spill Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm at work and it's the time of the month again. yes, im talking about the RED SPILL. If having your private part bleeding is not enough, imagine having stomach cramps and diarrhea all at the same time. This is what im painfully experiencing right now. Nasty, i tell you.


Oh, guess what? I've started a food diary today. A food diary is basically a diary that you write down whatever food that you take in so that you can keep track on what you're consuming for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also thee snacks that you take in between meals. But you can't cheat! So basically you have to list down EVERYTHING you've eaten the whole day everyday. I really want to lose some pounds by May. Why? because im going on a vacation in June. Yeayyy!!! I dont want to look like someone who just came back from a vacation when i havent even gone for my vacation.


Did you guys watch AI8 last night? omg! the girls were horrible!! When Danny Gokey went onstage with the 'Hero' song i was wondering whether he can pull it off, and he did!!! what a performance! I also like Anoop's performance. That indian boy sure can sing. The other guy who sang "A Song For You" totally ruined the song with his own twist. One person who amazed me was Tatiana Del Toro. I mean, her performance was okaaayy lah but seriously i didnt expect her to perform up to that level on a Whitney song. But she's inconsistent and a show off. Something must went off in her brain last night, she wasn't behaving her own show-offy self on tv. Anyhoo.. my prediction on who's going to make it through tonight are 1. Anoop Desai 2. Danny Gokey 3. Tatiana Del Toro/ Ricky Braddy/ Michael Sarver -- It's a tie between those three because Tatiana's performance was pretty ok compared to the other girls, Ricky - he got good comments from the judges, Michael - he's a good honest guy, and he's got a good soulful voice although last night he didnt show it.

Frankly, i dont really care about the rest i only want Anoop and Danny to get through tonight!!!



gracie said...

1. mimaaang pa mcm ko skrg?

2. gud luck..kekeke

3. yaaaa the girls sux smlm..entah apa2 ja ^_^ i support danny tooo hhihihi

Pammie said...

1. skrg ok2 suda, looks like i only suffer cramps + diarrhea on the first & second day

2. Thanks!!

3. Danny rules! ;-D