The Twilight Zone

Im gonna admit something here. Although i've had the e-books of Stephenie Meyer's highly acclaimed 'Twilight' for some time i havent seen the movie yet. Atleast until last night :D I wanted to watch The Amazing Race on AXN but my parents wanted to watch something else instead: The Academy Awards *sigh*. Ive got more than one telly at home but the thing is, only telly is subscribed to Astro. So i went to my room and decided to watch Twilight! (thanks Angel mandaakkk!!) OMG! i am so in love with Edward Cullen!!

Me is gaga over edward cullen

Since i read the book before watching the movie, i was quite dissapointed because there were alot of details that they didnt put in the movie. I just hope they wont do the same for New Moon. There's this one part in New Moon that i almost cried.. i wont say which part though :P read the book and you'll know which part im talking about hehe. Oh by the way Summit Entertainment confirmed to Access Hollywood that NeW MOon is due this November 20th (i cant wait!!) and EcLipSe, June 30th 2010.

I guess i'm still in the twilight zone :)



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