Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I wont talk much nonsense in this post, just updating you guys on what ive been up to, where i've been ..etc. A few weeks ago, me and my singing group Witness Wide went to Poturidong and the people of Poturidong church was so nice enough to give us a potluck. I must say, the food there was so good. Nothing beats kampung food.

Just look at the picture above, we've got our hands full. There was a lot of food prepared and hence the name 'geng tapau' was born heheh. (photo was grabbed from Beevy's facebook picture album :-D)
Two weeks ago, my grand-uncle and grand-aunty from the States came home to Sabah for a visit. My grand-aunty brought along this one of a kind t-shirt that has 3 arm holes instead of 2! hahaha..

My cousin got married a week ago (yea, a WEEK ago) and sorry bout the delay on this but i was so busy!!! ok, you all must be like, "wedding? so what?" why am i making a big deal about this? it's because this is my first time attending the acara berinai. i had so much fun.. although we did got stared a bit because almost everyone there was wearing baju kurung or baju kebaya or something in that line, while we wore jeans and tshirts hahaha.. i didnt asked my cousins, but im pretty sure it was their first time attending an acara berinai too coz they were wearing the same thing as i was.

The two girls are Erin and Roxanne, who are most known as Rin on the Rox on Youtube. Nope, they are not twins they're just bestfriends who happens to love music. Both are Philipino, but as for Roxanne she's Philipino and White. Just click on their picture above to go to their youtube channel. I bet you're gonna go back for more :-)

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