Heavenly at 0:11 Seconds

I'm super excited for tonight. Why? because of American Idol Season 8 (AI8) lah! They've selected the top 36 and guess what? 4 out of my top 5 men of my likings are in the top 36. Im sad that Jamar Rogers didnt make it to th really think Jamar Rogers should be in. He deserve it more than some of the contestants. *cough..cough.. tatyana del toro..cough..cough* I hope she gets booted out first! while still on the AI8 topic, there is one contestant who is growing on me.. the contestant is Matt Giraud. I did some research on him and guess what? he has two independent albums under his belt.. they're religious Both he and Danny Gokey reminds me of AI past contestant Elliott Yamin. By the way Elliott Yamin's got an album coming out in May (if im not mistaken) i've heard his song Fight For Love and i absolutely love it!! can't wait for the whole album to come out. If you missed Hollywood Week, here is Matt's audition clip of the song "Georgia on My Mind" check out 0:11 seconds.. just heavenly.


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