Sekian Lama

Dialah pujaan dalam mimpi
Yang senantiasa membuai hati
Tiap kali bersua ku hanya mampu senyum padanya

Sekian lama ku mencuba
Tak kulafazkan perasaan
Berkubur saja namun dia kucinta

Apa yang harus aku lakukan
Agar dia pun mengerti
Adanya cinta menanti
Oh sekian lama
Aku mencintai dia

Sukarnya membutir kata-kata
Menilai apa yang aku rasa
Tiap kali ku cuba
Lidah kelu dari bersuara
Ku berserah

Those who know me knows i do not listen to malay song. Ive got nothing againts malay songs, just not my taste la..aiseh ada taste-taste suda la kunun hehe.

Anyhoo, while i was chatting and surfing on a saturday nite i put my mp3 player on shuffled and i came upon this song: Siti Nurhaliza - Sekian Lama. I didnt even know i got this song hahahaha. You know what, this song is actually good. no, make that VERY GOOD! and its been on repeat mode for an hour already.

The lyrics were penned very well.. It's like they wrote this song based on my love story. yes, i may be brave to sing and post it on youtube for the whole wide world to see but inside im just a scared little girl when it comes to the love department. Ive had my share of heartbreaks in the past. There was one time where i felt so confident to the point of making the first move on this guy. I told the guy (who i was so madly in love -- i guess you can call it love.. i waited for him for 2 years and i did everything in my power for him. Pathetic right? i know..) my feelings to only get turned down by him. We were so close, i really was convinced that we were heading the same direction. I still don't know where or what wrong have i done to him, it remains a mystery. There's a movie entitled "he's just not that into you" coming out soon and maybe he's just not into me

And NOW, year 2009 i find myself back in the same situation.. but only with a different person. After having that kind of experience of being rejected -- i hate this word, so harsh!. i dont think im ever going to make the first move. Ive learned that life isn't some korean or indonesian drama -- Life isn't fiction. Atleast not for me. Sorry if this post is a bit gloomy.. but i cant help it! the song really speaks my heart out.

..Or maybe because it's very late already?

Ba, cukuplah coretan daripada hati gue.

Good nite world! i mean, selamat malam dunia!


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