Why Women Loves Heels

I love heels. Heels help me to look a bit taller.. since im only like, 154cm (im vertically challenged!) i freaking NEEED them. Whoever invented heels had one hell of a great mind. Here are 5 reasons why women love heels that i got from shoes.about.com i think every high heel wearing person will agree on this..

1) High Heels Make You Taller
Vertically challenged women everywhere will tell you how they love their heels. But, even if you don't need extra height, having it can make you feel good. It's truly a heady feeling to slip on a pair of shoes and instantly be 3 or 4 inches taller, and reaching things on the top shelf, well, it's a high like no other.

2) High Heels Don't Make You Look Fat
Unlike skinny jeans, cropped leggings, or whatever other torturous styles are appearing on the runways, high heels won't make you look fat. Granted, some styles are more flattering than others, but as a general rule, heels are more slimming than flats.

3) High Heels Can Make an Outfit
Even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can take on an entirely different look when a pair of heels is added, and nothing can make a plain skirt pop like the perfect pair of pumps or sandals. Heels add a feminine touch to suits as well.

4) High Heels Make You Feel (and Look!) Sexy
Just putting on a pair of sexy high heels can make you feel sexier, but they also can make you look sexier. High heels change our body stance, making our calf muscles more pronounced, and forcing our butts and chests out -- it's nearly as if high heels force us into better posture ... and good posture is always sexy.

5) High Heels Don't Have to Cost a Fortune
While it's easy to spend a fortune on high heels, even inexpensive brands can look great. In fact, there are few things that can cost as little and make you feel quite as happy, as a pair of killer heels.


Gallivanter said…
Wow, I didn't know high heels have so many hidden benefits! I should start wearing one too! :-P
Pammie said…
hahha.. go buy one now! LOL
CrazieSexaCool said…
A girl can never have too many shoes or heels. I dun wear them to make me look taller =p But to look slimmer, yeah I'll second dat! Hhaha. I bought 5 pairs on Dec and another 2 last mth. So, I guess.. it's an OBSESSION! Heels rawks!

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