Hello 2010!

Today is the first day of the new year so im going to post an entry coz today's date is so cool: 010110 :)

So i was having thoughts of what to do today and i of doing nothing. absolutely nothing. Coming this monday, the manic will start all over again coz im going back to work *sigh* that one week of leave was just heavenly.

Here's my resolutions for this year:

1. Taking chances on love - not that i didnt last year but the choices of guys that i dated wasnt actually "boyfriend material" type of guys.. This year, i want to date someone who i dont have to keep it as a secret from my family. I mean, hello? im like 27 years old I think it's about timei i mature up my act.

2. Giving up the title "Queen of Procrastination" - yea, this year whatever i say im gonna do, im gonna do and finish it!

3. Getting me and my group (CrossingBorders) more exposed - that means, getting ourselves a part-time singing gig in KK

4. Taking better care of my health, wellbeing and physique - Im deciding to give up chicken and red meat :) Lets see how far this one goes.

Wish me luck on these four resolution of mine :) i know i can make it... to end this post, i'd like to share with all of you pictures of me that my sister took during a wedding last sunday where i had to sing. These are currently my favourite pictures that she has taken of me so far..
♥ P.


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