Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Marriage Post

Today I got the news about an ex-boyfriend of mine who's gonna get engaged. Alot of people i know has or is going to get married in this coming months. And it made me think of my myself. People have been asking about who i am with and when i am going to get married and so forth. Let me get things clear here, i am single. When i'm gonna get married? only God knows. I dont know if there's such a thing about "the right one" but what i know is, i haven't found someone who i want to spend my whole life with. This is a serious issue, people. If possible (God willing) i want to be married to only 1 man for as long as i live. All those divorce dramas, sorry im not interested. So you see, i dont want to get married just because all my friends are married. This is a serious issue.

Holler if you feel me on this post.

Now Chinese New Year is fast approaching, im excited about the angpows but im terrified on what the "givers" might say when they hand me the angpow. Two years ago, my aunty said to me "this year would be the last ok?" (It's a Chinese tradition for married people to give the unmarried angpows. Once married you are not eligible to receive them anymore boo-hoo!). I may not look all chinesey but i do have chinese blood going through my veins. My grandfather is pure chinese, so it makes me...25% chinese and 75% kadazan-dusun, although cannot converse neither in chinese nor kadazan-dusun. I can understand a bit though.

Ok, back to the whole married thing. I know at my age (28) people say it is a ripe age to get married but why 28? It's not that i have anything against marriage but like i said earlier, i still havent found someone who i want to be with for the rest of my life. I know i'll be married one day (someday) but i am just tired and fed up hearing those questions. It's as if i am not normal by not being married at this age. Is it the end of all problems if i get married? No. But they're acting like it is. Sheeesh.

I guess they're just concern about me, I know they meant well and dont want me to end up as an old spinster but everytime they ask me that 1 million dollar question "when are you getting married" i feel belittled by it AND their ridiculous stare.

Or maybe im just being emotional... over nothing! LOL.

To end this post, i am gonna share with all of you what a friend of mine answered when being asked that same question:


♥ P.


Preston said...

Many of my peers are starting to have kids and/or get married. Then again, a lot of them are going through divorces. So, I think it is best to wait when you're older. Marriage is a commitment, there's nothing wrong with waiting even to get married in your 30s nowadays.

Pammie Pajammie said...

Yeah, you're right. I'd rather wait and not go through divorces than get married early, have kids and then go through divorces..

Malaikat =) said...

mandak, sanang ja.. lain kali drg tanya, ko jawab ja "mana buli overtake abg.. kasi chance abg dulu.." kekekke.. itula jawapan sa selalu... muahahahaha!! ;P