Friends Or Faith?

As usual every morning i will come into my office and check my mails, my blog, facebook (farmville!! cafeworld!!) and if there's some time i'll read through blogs that has updates (on my blogroll).

Today, since i had so much time to spare because my lecture this morning was Finance and to tell you the truth i am really good in maths :-D plus i have been teaching this subject for like, a year already so no need for any preparations. yeay! So anyway, back to my story.. I read this entry of a friend of mine and she said that she's embarrased by her faith, and that if her friends know about her works for her church, she's scared that they will not hang out with her because she's a "holy person", or some "Jesus freak" or something.

While reading it, it kind of reminded me of myself not so long ago. I was ashamed that if my friends know i was at church on saturday (im an Adventist), they will not want to hang out with me because they usually go out on saturday while i go to church, and sometimes im ashamed to tell people my religion because the only thing that people mostly know about my religion is the restriction of foods that we have. Most of my friends like to dine in chinese restaurants (i dine in chinese restaurants too! but i'll order something else that isnt pork) or places that serve pork, because they LOVE pork and i dont eat pork so they will sometime say things like "you cant eat pork??? what a pity.. you're really missing out" at first i was embarrased and i just kept mum about it. But something happened to me somewhere along the road to the place i am right now, but that's a different story hehe. Nowadays whenever i get that remark from people, i defend myself by saying "no im not, i dont feel left out of anything because im used to not eating pork"

Only true friends will respect your religion, and the faith that you believe in. So if those so called "friends" make fun of you just because you are doing the work of God, You really shouldn't be hanging out with them because they dont respect you nor your religion. What's wrong with doing the work of God? or having a little faith? It doesnt make you a weirdo or anything. I wouldnt want to be hanging out with someone who i cant show my true self. It would be so tiring to be pretentious just for the person to like you. When i go out and dine at a restaurant i am never hesitant when it's time to say grace before eating. I dont find it a big deal or anything but if you're offended by it, then maybe we shouldnt be hanging out at all.

A few weeks ago, i was watching this really good preacher talking on the Hope Channel. Something the preacher said really made me think, it was something like "If you are embarrased by God, God will be embarrased to call you His own too" . Try to think about it in a more humanly perspective, would you be proud of a person who is embarrased to call you their own? it could be family, bf/ gf, whatever. If someone is embarrased to admit that they know me, i would be reaaaalllly hurt by it. So imagine how God feels when we, His children, is embarrased to admit that we are His own.

♥ P.


Judy Nadia J. said…
so totally...AGREED with you... im proud with my religion, and i have faith in HIM always and forever...Amen...

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