Today's my birthday. Yeaaayyy.

Im a year older, a year wiser i believe :)

I'll be having a home cooked dinner this year instead of the usual dining out at some fancy restaurant. Yours truly will be the chef this evening, i just hope nothing will get burnt in the process of cooking the perfect dinner on my birthday hehe im out of practice, havent been cooking that much these days.

See, all my life my mom cooked for me why not on the day i was born twenty-something years ago let them (parents) just sit back and relax and let the grown up child be busy for a change.

I'll post up pictures tomorrow.

now, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! :D

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
Happy Birthday, Pammie! You sure made me hungry with the pics you posted. More power! :)
Preston said…
Happy Belated Birthday. I know the greeting isn't weighted much coming from a stranger, oh well!
Pammie Pajammie said…
Thanks Kal-El and Preston for the birthday wish !! :)

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