Tuesdays With Morrie

Since it's tuesday i figure it's the best day to revisit this book. Only a year ago that i knew this book was made into a movie, thanks to Oprah, and i missed it on the Hallmark channel. A friend of mine told me last week that it can be viewed on youtube. I downloaded it and watched it lastnight.. and i cried at the end when Mitch hugged dear old Morrie :(

In this post, i'd like to share the life lessons from Morrie Schwartz.

1. Accept the past as the past without denying it or discarding it

2. Find someone to share your heart, give to your community, be at peace with yourself, try to be as human as you can be

3. Some people walk around with meaningless life. They seem half-asleep when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you and devote yourself to creating something that gives your purpose and meaning.

4. There is no foundation, no secure ground, upon which people may stand today if it isn't the family

5. As long as we can love each other and remember the feeling of love we had, we can die without ever really going away. All the love you created is still there. All the memories are still there. You live on - in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here. Death ends a life, not a relationship.

I could go on and on with this but the above are some of the life lessons that i think should be shared and passed on to everyone. There is one quote that really hit home with me and i hope by sharing this with you, it will too with you

"Do the kinds of things that come from the heart. When you do, you won't be dissatisfied, you won't be envious, you won't be longing for somebody else's things. On the contrary, you'll be overwhelmed with what comes back."

..and this one..

"Mitch, if you're trying to show off for people at the top, forget it. They will look down on you anyhow. And if you're trying to show off for the people at the bottom, forget it. They will only envy you. Status will get you nowhere. Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone."

I really love this book. Mitch Albom is one of my favourite writers, i have read all his books (for one more day, tuesdays with morrie, the five people you meet in heaven) except the new one "Have A Little Faith - A true story" i'll get my hands on that book soon :)

Oh, and by the way after watching Tuesdays With Morrie last night i felt like my previous post was childish, selfish and immature. The first quote on doing things that comes from the heart, i think i should try that sometimes. Maybe by doing so i wouldn't be longing for what other people have that i dont.

♥ P.


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