An Evening Out At The Beach.

As i was napping at the couch in the evening (at about 3pm) my sister came to our house with her kids and told me about her plan to go to the beach that evening. I was all in agreement about the idea so i woke up and got ready. The good news was, our parents were going too. It was a good time, since it was like, the first time in a long time we all rode together in one car.

As soon as we reached the beach, i asked my sister to take my photo (she's using a Canon DSLR) because the sun was looking at its best. I didnt want to miss that moment..

Snap, snap, snap and tada!... this is it :D

While my sister was busy taking pictures of other people, i took out my small digital camera and took pictures of myself (like any girls would normally do)

This is my sister and her second born, Elsa Nicole

I love this shot! Although my face looks a bit oily but it was like it had the right amount of oil to make the perfect shine.

Sisters :) ..camwhoring using a DSLR

After an hour or so, it was time to go because the sun had started to sunk in and the kids were getting cranky we had to go find something to eat.

I guess today turned out to be a fun day after all. I thought that i would be stuck at home the whole day since i skipped church this morning and for the night, i cancelled to go to a bachelorette party of a friend of mine. But having spent a couple of hours at the beach with my family was a nice deal :)

♥ P.


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