Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So Wrong.

I was typing my previous post when a friend of mine on ym sent me a link on facebook. So i clicked and this came out. OMG! This is so wrong. What is happening to our world? To our so-called 1Malaysia unity (konon!) ?

Of all the comments, this one irked me the most:

It would be my pleasure of displaying the person's name and profile picture but i wont do so. I do not want to cause any chaos towards the person even after posting such rude comment online. How can one say such things like this? I've been angry before but not to the extent of killing the person.

This is just so wrong. Please don't join this group (MENENTANG PENGGUNAAN ALLAH OLEH GOLONGAN BUKAN ISLAM) on facebook, whoever on my list join this group i'll delete them. This is so wrong, it's disgusting to have friends who supports this group.

♥ P.


Gallivanter said...

You can make a police report on this!

Pammie Pajammie said...

I would report it but since i know this fella is from the West of Msia, i am sure my complaints will not be entertained by our local police. Sad.

Joan said...

Sigh..so sad kan..

Pammie Pajammie said...

Yaba Joan.. VERY.