It's now 4.15am and an I just came back from the cinema an hour ago watching the recent #1 box office movie AVATAR. I should be sleeping right now but my excitement over the movie still havent gone away :)

Me and my cousins were suppose to catch the 9pm show at GSC 1Borneo but when we were about to buy our tickets, the ticker counter lady told us the hall was full already so our options were to watch the 12am show OR watch the movie another day.


Since we were already there at the mall it was such a waste of gas to drive ourselves back home, empty handed. So i said "let's just watch the 12am show lah!" and it was alllll worth it!

I had doubts on whether i could stay up all through the movie but guess what? i didnt even break a yawn hahahaha. Now, that's a first! Of all the midnite movies i have watched, i usually slept in the middle of the movie and only wake up when the movie is nearing the end. I even slept watching the latest Harry Potter movie hahaha. I know, i am incredible. How can one sleep watching Harry Potter??? I am the only person i know who's done that.

While we're on the topic of movies, the next movie i am so looking forward to see is Prince of Persia which sadly will only hit theaters in May (punyaaa lamaaaa lagiiiii!!) Jake Gyllenhaal is all buffed up in the movie.. oh la laa. hahah. I know some say it was a miscast casting Jake Gyllenhaal to play a Persian Prince coz his face looks silly playing one. But i have to differ on that comment. Are they watching the same preview as i am? omg, he looks so hot! he finally looks like a grown up man in the movie.

Other movies that im anticipating to watch in this year are:
1. Sherlock Holmes (yea, havent seen this one too)
2. Nine
3. Legion
4. The Princess and the frog (this one too)
5. The Vampire's assistant (..and this one)
6. Paranormal Activities
7. Percy Jackson & the lightning thief
8. The Green Lantern
9. Book of Eli
10. Iron Man 2

So yea, thats about all the movies that i can think about at this hour. Do comment if you know the movie (the ones that's already out but havent been watched by me) is gonna suck so i can skip them and watch other movies instead :) Oh, and if there's any movie i missed, do tell me so :)

Owh-Kayyy. I think im gonna hit the sack now. I can hear the neighbour's chicken crowing - a sign that it's allllllmost morning. luckily it's sunday i can sleep in the whole day hehe.

Happy Sunday, ya'll!!

♥ P.


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