What I Want AND Dont Want For My Birthday

Here are the things that i want for my 2010 birthday. I want alot of things but after doing a little bit of prioritizing, here are the list of wants.. AND dont wants:

1. A new digicam, Canon Powershot S90. Forget about DSLRs i want this one hehe. DSLRs are so overrated it's like everyone have one thesedays.

2. A new watch from Guess (ive got my eyes on one already..)

2. "Have a Little Faith - A True Story" book by Mitch Albom

3. A new cupboard for my clothes. I need a new cupboard! Even after giving away clothes, i still cant fit all of them in my cupboard

4. A red velvet chocolate cake with caramel filling for a birthday cake

5. Ice cream! (you gotta have ice cream if there's cake)

6. Clothes. No, not casual clothing. I need new work clothes. Ive been wearing the same old thing for a year (and most of them are hand downs from my sister!)

1. Bad news

2. Really bad news

3. Family member unable to attend my birthday dinner :( (this would probably happen but i hope my brother wont be working tomorrow night)

4. No phone calls or sms-es or online messages (ym, facebook)

5. To feel like its just another ordinary day

6. To feel that, no matter how great the day had been, something’s still not right.

7. Broken hearts

5. All of the Birthday-dont-wants above.

But most of all, I wish myself to be able to achieve my dreams and bring the happiness to my parents, friends and other people...and I wish all that celebrating their birthday in January, "Happy Birthday and may your dreams come true!!"

Here's me singing Happy Birthday requested by a good friend of mine, Warrence. I was thinking of posting this next week on the day of his birthday but since tomorrow is my birthday, i changed my mind about it and posted it earlier so that in a way, the video is also for me! hahha.. i rarely get people to sing me a happy birthday. This year, im singing for myself haha.

I recorded this video this morning. Just before i leave for work hehehe..

♥ P.


Kal-El said…
Happy, Happy Birthday Pammie! Wish you all the blessings in the world! More power! ♥
Pammie Pajammie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pammie Pajammie said…
Thanks Kal-El!! more power to you tooo..

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