The Farewell Post.

Im full. *burp*

I just had lunch together with all my colleagues, potluck style. While i was feasting on the food among them, i suddenly felt sad, because this might be the last time im going to have lunch together with all of them.

I've submitted my resignation letter to this company 20 days ago and will resign in 10 days time (18th Feb). A much bigger company offered me a job with a quite bigger paycheck compared to what im currently receiving right now. Plus, it is also much nearer to my house. Now, how can i refuse the offer?


Im going to miss this place. the associations that i made with my colleagues who i proudly can call as "my friends", the experiences that i have shared with them all the while i was here, with the students - the bad, the good, the ugly. All of that i will bring with me and cherish them.

But before any goodbyes can be said, first thing first i need to finish up all my work before the handover. I actually can't wait for the new lecturer (my replacement) to come. Why? because honestly, if the new staff comes, i do not have to prepare for class everyday. Atleast until i resign from here hehe. The new job im going to is no different from what i'm doing right now: LECTURER.

I do have concerns about my new working place. What if nobody wants to be friends with me? what if im left all alone without no one to talk to? what if i cant handle the stress of the new place? =.=

♥ P.


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