Friday, January 22, 2010

I Dont Spend Every Freakin' Minute On Facebook.

I was going to write about something when suddenly someone chat-ed with me on facebook, asking "Pammie, why are you still on facebook? from morning until now? you got no work kah?" I felt like slapping her with a trout, ala IRC style. No, make it A BIG FAT one! i was annoyed by her comment, she is accusing me of not working because im online on facebook. She's online too, so what the hell is she doing? I wasnt curi tulang, i just happen to know how to manage my time very well and i am a really good multitasker ;)

That comment made me close the facebook tab on IE. She was still typing something but i didnt care enough to wait. hmmph!

In the mornings, when i get to my office i usually check my mails and facebook - the happenings and whatnots of it. But when it comes to work, i do my work okay? but sometimes i just forget to close the facebook tab. What? is it a crime to not closing the tab? Oh and sometimes i forget to turn off the facebook chat button. But it doesnt mean when you see me online at the facebook chat function on facebook, i am available. Some of the messages (via facebook chat) is left unreplied. Why? seriously dont want me to answer that, dont you?

I have no objections whatsoever if you want to be the employee of the month of your company but dont act like your job is mighty important when it isnt okay? (she's working for a concrete company which i believe she's only performing clerical works in the office) Im the one who is in the education line. Im not saying clerical works are not important. Im not, infact any job in the world is important just dont use it to prance around bragging infront of your jobless friends that you have a job and they dont. In my case, saying that im a lousy worker - which is what she's doing. Because she has that "ASTAGA" word in her sentence (**ASTAGA is a term we used in malay for something like, OMG)

Have you ever opened the dictionary recently? please look up the word "multitasking" while you're at it. Because just so you know, im very good at it :) Now here's me rubbing it at your face!

♥ P.

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Kal-El said...

woohoo! Go Pammie! :)